Commence Overkill

To commemorate the launch of the website, I decided it was time to increase the overkill level on my main server and go far beyond any semblance of sanity. I recently purchased twelve 16 GiB sticks of Samsung DDR3 ECC Registered server memory (192 GiB), which is currently in the server running stability tests. One of the sticks was dead on arrival, but there is still a paltry 180 GiB left. I’m sure a lot of you are questioning my need for that much memory, and to be honest, I don’t need it. I was able to buy it from a friend for a very good price and I was reaching over fifty percent utilization of my existing 64 GiB. This will allow me to run many more virtual machines. I could run an entire Windows AD server and over one hundred Windows 7 clients, if I had the licenses for the latter. Alternatively, I could setup a computing cluster, database cluster, or web server cluster for the simple reason of “because I can”.

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What is overkill?

I decided it was time that I put up a web page for myself instead of having the zippy one-liner that was there for nearly a year. I’m not quite sure what this website will contain. For now, I’m configuring the new website, adding a fancy gallery, making sure everything works, and adding content.