More memory and more Overkill

It has been awhile since an update, but the server was upgraded shortly after the 192 GB of RAM was added, up to the full capacity of 256 GB. The only components left that I can upgrade at this point are the processors, the disk controller, and the disks themselves.

Since I’m attending a college that subscribes to MSDN for its students, I decided to update my software to use this increased RAM instead of letting it sit slack. At the end of 2012, I started by adding Exchange 2010 to my existing 2008 Server.

Then, very recently, I snagged copies of 2012 Server and 2013 SharePoint. 2012 Server was a bit of a pain to get installed, but with a bit of tinkering, I was able to get it to run. The only problem I have left to figure out is when the machine does a reboot, it hardlocks right when it should do a reset. CPU usage for the virtual machine skyrockets and it never finishes. If I do a “reset” in VirtualBox (similar to pushing the reset button on a real box), it will restart and get stuck at the Windows splash screen. The only way to fix it is to completely power down the virtual machine, then start it like normal. Then it comes up like normal as if nothing ever happened. (Although, I just completed a restart after doing Windows updates and it worked fine this time.)

SharePoint was a relatively painless install, but quite lengthy with a total of a couple hours processing time. This is with the stock four cores and 8 GB of RAM I gave this instance. Once MSSQL was installed, the setup was pretty much “Next”, “Next”, “Next”, just with time to read a lengthy book between major steps.

“Working on it… This shouldn’t take long*.”       *Compared to the speed of glaciers.

Installed and at the configuration page.

First problem I ran into was that the number of cores and the amount of RAM I gave this virtual machine were simply not enough. It was frequently maxing out the processor and memory usage was very high.

Otherwise, everything was working well. From my limited time in using the new version, I’ll have to admit that I actually like it. I used to help administrate an older version at a college I used to attend and I absolutely hated working with it. This doesn’t seem anywhere near as bad in comparison.

However, even after doubling the cores to eight and the RAM to 16 GB, SharePoint felt the need to use a substantial amount of the new processing power available to this instance to index a blank website. Thank you SharePoint, I’m sure that my blank website will be much faster now.

I’m not anywhere near done, though. Oh no. I still want to play around with the Visual Studio project management suite and the new version of Exchange. When that will get done, I have no idea. Work is keeping me busy with a project and I’m attending school nearly full time. However, this is my relax time, so I’ll be inclined to get it done soon.