New Xenserver Local Storage

I had a buddy of mine ask me if I wanted to buy a ton of solid state drives, namely Samsung 830 Pro 256 GB drives. I was initially hesitant, due to the expected price, but quickly found out he wanted to get rid of them cheap. Who am I to say no to a friend in need? 🙂

I find myself owning eight of these Samsung Pro drives and am in the midst of a server upgrade and migration. Drives are updated and Xenserver 6.5 is installed. The eight drives below are in a RAID 10 configuration in one of the R710 servers, running behind a H700. I haven’t had the chance to fully test the performance, but the initial results say they are “pretty fast”.

The drives don’t seem to show activity lights, but I was told to expect this.

Eight Samsung Pro drives prettily sitting on my desk.

Sexy drives. Eight Samsung Pro 256 GB drives in 2.5″ Dell sleds.