About Me

My name is Corey and I’m currently a student at South Dakota State University attending for Computer Science. As long as I can remember, computers have been an interest of mine. Whether it is hardware, overclocking, or programming, I always enjoy it.

The first computer I built was a Pentium III 566 MHz box that was built cheaply. On this system, I learned the intricacies of putting the hardware together, doing a basic overclock, and installing and using the Linux operating system (at that time, Red Hat Enterprise 9). I used this until I was able to get a job of my own to buy newer and faster hardware.

Today, I still like fast computers, but my focus has shifted to servers and enterprise equipment. Sitting in my basement is a 42u rack with a variety of servers for different purposes. I use this setup to expand my knowledge of operating systems, administration, and many others. Think of it like a test bed for whatever seems interesting.

I have been a member at Overclockers.com since 2006 and am a volunteer moderator. Overclockers is a second home to me and I can be frequently found posting there. Interacting with other like-minded and civil people is always relaxing.