Low Power pfSense Router

When I moved into my current apartment, I switched to a Dell Optiplex 780 as a router, which worked well for about a year. Power draw was a little higher than I’d like, around 60 watts, but it handled its router duty without any complaints. During a warm day in July 2014, the Optiplex’s power supply exploded, literally. I purchased a Dell Poweredge R410 to replace the Optiplex with the idea that I need something reliable since I work at home all the time. The Poweredge also worked very well as a router, you might even call it overkill, but the power draw and noise got annoying.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to build a low power system that had easily replaceable parts for cheap. Not an easy task to do, but with some help from a friend, I was able to spec a nice system out. Here is what I built:

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