Rackmount Overkill

Rackmount Overkill is a project that I’ve been working on since April 2009. It originally started with a single server, a Dell Poweredge 2550 with two blazing Pentium III processors. This was my first foray into server equipment and I was infatuated by something as simple as a computer in a specific layout. Since I was living in an apartment at the time, space was limited, and this server was only used to play around with. It wasn’t on all the time and I used it to setup a simple web server in CentOS for the purpose of learning how to do it. My goal was to eventually move into a home that had a basement, where I could store my server rack and get more equipment.

As time went on, I upgraded my file server from an Antec 300 case to a Norco 4020. Shortly after, I purchased two Compaq DL360 servers, also with two Pentium III processors. One was dedicated to the role of being a network router and stayed that way for a few years. Eventually, I located a reseller in South Dakota that was willing to sell me a recently obtained HP 42u rack for a very low price, considering the condition and parts it came with. At the time, I was still living in the apartment, so using it was impossible. It stayed in storage for a few months until I moved into a townhome, which conveniently contained a basement. From then on, I’ve been slowly retiring old hardware, buying new servers, and upgrading the existing ones.

You can follow the progress of this project on the Overclockers forum.

A gallery has been created to see the images directly on my website. If you hover over the menu entry “Rackmount Overkill”, you can see the servers listed. Clicking on them will give details and show pictures.