Athlon-based File Server (retired)

Well before Rackmount Overkill was even a thought, I created my first dedicated file server. The server was simply a combination of random IDE drives that I had obtained, with no RAID or redundancy of any kind. I only have one picture of the assembled server and I’m not sure the date it was taken (EXIF data is flat out wrong), just that it was a long time ago.

The case was super cheap and a brand which I can’t recall the name of. It was poorly designed for this kind of hardware, so I made some modifications to get more air through the case. The back grill was very restrictive, so I removed the whole thing. The front was fairly open, but only held two 80mm fans. Making a few cuts in the metal, I was able to attach an extra two 80mm fans by zip tying them to the original two.