Legion Fishing Information

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With the recent loss of the El’s Extreme Anglin’ website, I’ve been forced to gather fishing information elsewhere from the web, mostly from WoWHead and other fan sites. Since the new expansion is still in beta, reliable information is scarce, so I’ve decided to make reliable data available by recording and categorizing my findings. Below, you will find anything I’ve found noteworthy playing the beta, and I will try to keep it as updated and as accurate as possible.

Raw Catch Data

You can see the raw catch data in this Google Spreadsheet. Fish are sorted by zone, and have additional information not shown below. There may be duplicates, such as Silver Mackerel, because I want to know the catch rates in each zone. I calculate the margin of error and a 95% confidence interval of a representative sample to give a good estimate of the actual catch rate. A “N/A” value indicates the fish has an incredibly low drop chance without using a lure, and I cannot calculate good numbers for them.

General Changes

Blizzard has, thankfully, done away with the different prefixes of fish (Small, Normal, Enormous) and turning fish into their respective “flesh” they added with Draenor. You simply catch a fish and use them directly in recipes. This extensively reduces bag clutter.

Angler’s Fishing Raft and Water Striders

Even though Blizzard stated they don’t want old expansion items working in Legion, both http://www.wowhead.com/item=81354/reins-of-the-azure-water-strider and http://www.wowhead.com/item=85500/anglers-fishing-raft still work (shown in Highmountain below). The fishing raft is useful for reaching fishing nodes too far from the coast.

2016-07-11 15_30_58-World of Warcraft2016-07-11 15_31_26-World of Warcraft

Unlocking Legion Fishing

Talk to http://legion.wowhead.com/npc=28742/marcia-chase near the coin fountain in (Broken Isles) Dalaran. There is no prerequisite to train Legion fishing.

Conjurer Margoss

http://www.wowhead.com/npc=108825/conjurer-margoss is an NPC you can find on a floating island just outside of Dalaran. You can reach him by gliding (http://www.wowhead.com/item=109076/goblin-glider-kit, or class abilities) from the pet battle area through the broken wall in the northern part of Dalaran.

2016-07-20 16_55_49-World of Warcraft

Location of the broken wall in Dalaran.

When you first find him, he will give the quest http://www.wowhead.com/quest=42911/drowned-mana. He sells the following items:

Arcane Lure1 Drowned Mana
Murloc Bobber25 Drowned Mana
Squeaky Duck Bobber25 Drowned Mana
Sting Ray Pup50 Drowned Mana
Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder100 Drowned Mana

The http://www.wowhead.com/item=139175/arcane-lure is the most important item, as it allows you to catch bait much faster than you would normally, which greatly speeds up how quickly you can get the artifact weapon.

You can also catch a “lure” for http://www.wowhead.com/item=138777/drowned-mana by using http://www.wowhead.com/item=141975/mark-of-aquaos and killing http://www.wowhead.com/npc=113378/aquaos-the-unleashed. Once defeated, the catch rate of Drowned Mana is increased significantly. Bubbles will float up from the lake when the lure is active, which seems to last around two and a half minutes.

WoWScrnShot_072016_193202Everything but the lure requires reputation with Margoss, which you can gain by giving him http://www.wowhead.com/item=138777/drowned-mana. He uses the Stranger/Acquantance/Buddy/Friend/Good Friend/Best Friend mechanic from the Tillers in Pandaria and Nat Pagle, which means you will need 42000 reputation to go from Stranger to Best Friend. The initial quest gives 250 reputation and each http://www.wowhead.com/item=138777/drowned-mana is worth 50 reputation each. To reach Best Friend, you will need to catch 836 Drowned Mana (or 856 if you want 42999 reputation) or approximately 2,140 casts assuming a 40% catch rate, which is around 6.5 hours of constant fishing. You can lower the overall time using any http://www.wowhead.com/item=141975/mark-of-aquaos you catch.

Leveling Speed

Like Draenor, fishing at low levels does not give you junk grey items and allows you to catch any fish in any zone. Unlike Draenor, leveling fishing can be slower. Rare fish can be caught to gain an immediate five levels (see below), but the fish are actually rare (less than 1%). I leveled from 700 to 800 in a couple hours, catching a total of 578 fish, which is about 5-6 fish caught per level.

Fish can be caught at any fishing level.

Fish can be caught at any fishing level.

Common Legion Fish

The table below shows all common fish found in Legion, listing each fish, the zone(s) they can be caught in, their approximate rarity, their calculated catch rate, and if they can be found in pools. You can see the raw catch data in my Google Spreadsheets page.
FishZone(s)RarityRarity %Pools?
Silver MackerelAnyCommon80%No
Cursed QueenfishAzsunaUncommon20%Yes
Black BarracudaAzsunaPools onlyN/AExclusive
Highmountain SalmonHighmountainUncommon20%Yes
Mossgill PerchVal'SharahUncommon20%Yes

Rare Legion Fish

The table below shows all rare fish found in Legion, listing each fish, and the zone(s) they can be caught in. Rare fish can frequently be caught with the appropriate lure, but otherwise have extremely low drop rates. All rare fish are required for the achievement http://legion.wowhead.com/achievement=10596/bigger-fish-to-fry which unlocks the fishing artifact weapon.

Some rare fish require a "chain" of lures to capture. For example, to catch a http://legion.wowhead.com/item=133725/leyshimmer-blenny you must fish up a http://legion.wowhead.com/item=133701/skrog-toenail which will attract murlocs which drop http://legion.wowhead.com/item=133702/aromatic-murloc-slime when killed.
Leyshimmer BlennyAzsunaSkrog Toenail
Aromatic Murloc Slime
Nar'thalas HermitAzsunaPearlescent Conch
Ghostly QueenfishAzsunaRusty Queenfish Brooch
Ancient Highmountain SalmonHighmountainFunky Sea Snail
Salmon Lure
Coldriver CarpHighmountainFrost Worm
Mountain PufferHighmountainSwollen Murloc Egg
Thundering StormrayStormheimMoosehorn Hook
Silverscale Minnow
OodelfjiskStormheimAncient Vrykul Ring
Graybelly LobsterStormheimSoggy Drakescale
Ancient MossgillVal'SharahRotten Fishbone
TerrorfinVal'SharahNightmare Nightcrawler
Thorned FlounderVal'SharahDrowned Thistleleaf
Tainted Runescale KoiSuramarDemonic Detritus
Seerspine PufferSuramarSleeping Murloc
Magic-Eater FrogSuramarEnchanted Lure
Seabottom SquidOceanStunned, Angry Shark
AxefishOceanMessage in a Beer Bottle
Axefish Lure
Ancient Black BarracudaOceanDecayed Whale Blubber
Ravenous Fly

Suggested Leveling Method

Complete Conjurer Margoss’ quest and fish up a few http://www.wowhead.com/item=138777/drowned-mana to buy http://www.wowhead.com/item=139175/arcane-lure. Use the Arcane Lure and catch as many rare fish as possible in any zone. The quickest method is to fish up a http://legion.wowhead.com/item=133704/rusty-queenfish-brooch in Azsuna and to grab as many http://legion.wowhead.com/item=133727/ghostly-queenfish as you can with the buff. A brooch can easily bring you from 700-800 fishing in a few minutes.