Connect Chromecast to pfSense wireless

If your pfSense box is managing a wireless connection (generally through an internal or USB wireless device), you may find configuring and connecting your Chromecast is failing. I recently switched to this type of setup and could not get it to connect. Doing some brief searching, it seems the Chromecast talks directly to other devices on your network instead of routing everything through the access point.

By default, pfSense disables direct client communication and you may receive errors like:
“Connecting: Chromecast connecting to network {yournetwork}”
“We can’t seem to connect to your Chromecast”

The initial setup will not finish, and the device may try connecting for minutes before giving up. Luckily, enabling directly client communication is simple: enable “Allow intra-BSS communication” in the wireless interface.

2016-02-13 16_16_52-pfsense.localdomain - Interfaces_ MainWireless

Once enabled, your Chromecast should be able to connect without a problem.

What is overkill?

I decided it was time that I put up a web page for myself instead of having the zippy one-liner that was there for nearly a year. I’m not quite sure what this website will contain. For now, I’m configuring the new website, adding a fancy gallery, making sure everything works, and adding content.